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length: 12 linear ft
diameter: 1/4"
emitter spacing: 6"

use with cuadra, sendero, extender, narrow extender

Our Dripline Kits are drip-soaker technology that deliver water directly to the roots in a non-directional flow. These durable, flexible and easy to use driplines connect to a standard garden hose. In-line emitters are evenly spaced @ 6 inches apart along each dripline and can be run on the surface or covered in mulch for even less evaporation. Use with a daily programmable timer for watering on days when you are not at home, on vacation, or too busy to water. With this dripline technology you will use less water, achieve higher yields and make watering a quick and easy process. Recommended operating range is 20 to 25 PSI, not to exceed that normal pressure.
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