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Engineered To Last For Years - Proprietary Support System

We introduced our offering to the public in 2012. These were the first metal garden beds offered in the USA at the time. Backed with an incredible track record of many thousands in the field (those first metal garden beds sold are still going strong today), they are engineered to support the full weight of vegetation and soil. Our proprietary 3 rung support system is unmatched. With others, you have one or even no rods across the bed for support at the extensions. You need proper engineering to work with the heavy pressure weight at those points and our system is a proven winner.

Constructed with 26 gauge sidewalls and 18 gauge corners that are connected with heavy duty nuts and bolts, the material alone is far and away heavy duty. The corner brackets are attached to the support rungs at each modular section. Without these sectional corner brackets @ the rungs, support over a long period of time will not hold. That is why our support system is the only way to go with long and wide garden beds.

As an example of durability, we have documented our metal garden beds going through extreme weather conditions without damage, including numerous winter storms, tropical storms and hurricanes. One of our gardeners wrote to us after hurricane Laura, "FYI my two metal garden beds just survived a Hit from Laura. They didn't move and had no damage. I can't say that about the rest of my house."

Galvanized Steel: Top Choice Over All Garden Bed Material Options

Not only is galvanized steel strong, it is also safe and 100% recyclable. Galvanized steel is FDA approved for use in food preparation and other food conveyances. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The powder coating we use over galvanized steel for our Rustic and Sage Series is non-toxic, non-volatile and environmentally safe as well (no paint used in the process).

Galvanized Steel Superior to Wood:

Cedar, pine and plywood are all wood materials used in the construction of garden beds. Over the years, we have had many customers communicate their dissatisfaction with rotting wooden garden beds. They have happily switched to our galvanized steel material and are enjoying season after season of strength and dependability. Wood, quite simply, rots. Galvanized steel holds up to the test of soil, water and roots.

Galvanized Steel Superior to GalvalumeĀ®:

AluzincĀ®, GalvalumeĀ® and Zn-Al-Mg SteelĀ® are different trade names for one material product. In the USA, we call the material GalvalumeĀ®. Fabricators of this material "strongly discourage" placing soil against panels, especially in garden applications. The result will be "rapid corrosion" of the panel area that is buried in soil. Galvanized steel, however, is made for wet-soil type applications (like water troughs, grain silos and culvert pipes) and is the top choice material for a garden bed's long life. Galvanized steel holds up to the test of time in wet soil environments. Don't just take our word on this, call a metal supply company nearby and say "I want to put wet soil up against GalvalumeĀ® panels, is this ok?" They will tell you that GalvalumeĀ® makes for an excellent roof but is not suitable for holding wet soil which is what garden beds do each and every day. Bottom line: GalvalumeĀ® great for roofing (no soil on rooftops), galvanized steel great for garden beds (lots of wet soil in these - all the time).

Galvanized Steel Superior to Plastic and Vinyl:

Plastic garden beds bend and crack under the pressure of soil, water and roots. Vinyl has the same cracking issue as plastic, along with other concerns regarding the composition and bending of various plank offerings. Galvanized steel is engineered to support the full weight of vegetation/soil and holds up to the test of time.

Galvanized Steel Superior to Concrete, Cinder Blocks and Stone:

Research shows that soil stays at an ideal and more even temperature in a galvanized garden when compared to concrete, cinder blocks and stone. Stone materials will soak up the summer sun during the day and stay hot into the evening. Galvanized steel is superior because of the greater albedo (search "albedo" online for lots of good information on this subject). The steel material is reflecting off the heat when concrete and stone absorb it. Additional research has shown more benefits of gardening with galvanized material. These include improved fruit blush color (finish and sweetness), more even fruit maturity, improved fruit set (return flowering), increased fruit size and increased total yield.