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For certain projects, it's beneficial to discuss the most suitable options for your needs. Simply mention "Consultation Needed" in the comments area of our Quick Form, and we'll iron out the specifics together.

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Our slogan is "Be Your Own Farmer." We recognize the hurdles that can accompany farming — such as determining the cause of yellowing leaves on your tomato plants. Typically, your nearest extension officer would be your go-to resource, but they might be swamped. Our solution? A file cabinet brimming with accumulated notes filled with insights. We call it the notebook. Send your gardening or farming question on our quick form and we'll strive to provide you with a prompt and informed response.

Over the years, we've gathered reviews, testimonials, stories, and memories from our gardeners. We've compiled our thoughts on these at our Recollections page. You'll find inspiring stories about the thousands of harvests created using our garden beds.