Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to see how other customers have designed their gardens - do you have photos?

Each year we have a photo contest and entries are highlighted on Facebook and Instagram (links at bottom of this page). You will get great ideas on design and function when you scroll through the post history. If you are looking for testimonials and good feedback on our garden beds, this is the place to explore. Additionally, take time to see why galvanized steel is the top choice for garden beds. Here, you will also see how we have engineered our models with a 3-rung proprietary system to ensure structural integrity.

Can you give me a quick summary of what it takes to put one of these beds together?

Assembly is very simple. All of our parts are standardized meaning just one size for the nuts/bolts, corners, rungs, long panels and short panels. All hardware is provided. Instructions for your specific model(s) come in a packet affixed to the outside of your carton near your address label. Simply hand tighten bolts then follow-up with a wrench or pliers.

What gauge is the metal you use for the sides and the framework?

We use galvanized steel throughout construction, 26 gauge @ sidewalls and 18 gauge @ corners. They are connected with heavy duty nuts and bolts. The corner brackets are attached to the support rungs at each modular section. Without these sectional corner brackets @ the rungs, support over a long period of time will not hold. That is why our support system is the only way to go with long and wide garden beds.

Is the edge on top of the garden bed sharp?

No it is not. The edge on the top of the garden bed has been folded over for safety purposes. Make sure to install your panels with the folded safety side up.

Will these steel garden beds make the soil too hot?

Absolutely not - research shows that soil stays at an ideal and more even temperature in a galvanized bed when compared to concrete, dark plastic and wooden beds that will soak up the summer sun during the day and stay hot into the evening. It's all because of the greater albedo (search "albedo" online for lots of good information on this subject) found with galvanized steel. For garden beds, studies have shown that ambient temperatures are optimal with galvanized material as compared to other material options. The steel material is reflecting off the heat when other materials (namely concrete) absorb all the heat during the day and then remain hot throughout the evening. Additional research has shown more benefits of gardening with galvanized material. These include improved fruit blush color (finish and sweetness), more even fruit maturity, improved fruit set (return flowering), increased fruit size and increased total yield.

You say bigger fruit and higher crop yields, how can you prove that?

Since the early 1980's, documented research has shown the benefits of reflective material technology with fruit and vegetable crops in all climate zones around the world. Benefits include improved fruit blush color (finish and sweetness), more even fruit maturity, improved fruit set (return flowering), increased fruit size and increased total yield.

Do your Rustic and Sage models offer the same high yield benefits as the Originals?

You won't receive the reflective benefits as found with our Original Series. But all other benefits will apply with the Rustic and Sage models, namely deep roots!

Your garden beds don't have a bottom....what do I use as a weed barrier?

You can use the cardboard box that the garden bed comes in as your weed barrier. You can also use landscape fabric. A combination of river rock 6" deep on top of landscape cloth works very well as a bottom for deck and patio garden beds.

How much soil do I need to fill one metal garden bed?

See our Size Chart for full details. You can fill the bottom half of your metal garden bed with firewood (logs) or stones and rocks as a bottom filler. But some plants need the full depth of soil for a good deep root system, so use this filler idea only with shallow root systems.

Wouldn't these rust?

They are galvanized and should have a long life before rusting in most soil and outdoor conditions. Look at other galvanized material in and around your area. Your galvanized garden bed will react to these elements in the same manner. Once the garden bed's life is complete, it is 100% recyclable, meaning that it can be reclaimed and reused without any material loss.

Do you offer custom sized garden beds?

We have an extensive offering here at our website. Explore the various model options that can be enhanced with our extenders to see what can work for you. In 2012, we attempted to offer custom made garden beds with unique height and widths. Unfortunately, we found that the unit price skyrockets when trying to make these individually sized units. Our height and widths are standard, but with our modular system you can create any design or length that works within this framework.

I'd like mine a bit higher?

You can build a stone base along the bottom edge of your garden bed then place it on top of the base frame for added height.

I'd like to paint mine pink - can I do that?

Here's how to paint our galvanized metal garden beds: You will need to go to a store that sells METAL primers and paints. Apply the metal primer as directed, covering the entire surface of the metal. It's best to start at the top and work down. Let the primer dry according to the directions. Apply the metal paint, which should be the same brand as the primer, according to the product directions. If you can send a photo of the finished bed that would be great!

Can you add a wooden border/ledge on the top?

Yes, a wooden top ledge can be added. These are customer creations, usually a box frame is built either inside or outside the unit then a top ledge is attached to that frame.

Do you have something to cover the beds for greenhouse like effect?

For winter covering and shade we suggest you add crop cover hoops. You can buy flexible pc pipe at any home store, cut pipe to desired hoop length, then bend the pipe and bury it deep into the soil so that it is up against the inner sidewall. Add plastic sheeting for the winter months and switch out to shade cloth for the summer. We have even seen chicken wire attached between the hoops for sheeting support.

We live in the UP, Upper MI. Was wondering how these hold up to winter snow?

They perform great in any climate, including winter snow. As an example of durability, we have documented our metal garden beds going through extreme weather conditions without damage, including numerous winter storms, tropical storms and hurricanes. One of our gardeners wrote to us after hurricane Laura, "FYI my two metal garden beds just survived a Hit from Laura. They didn't move and had no damage. I can't say that about the rest of my house."

How do you ship my order to Alaska?

For Alaska and Hawaii, we can send your order to Alaska Marine Lines in Seattle, WA. Call AML @ 206-763-4244 to set up shipping account and they will charge you a fee to get the shipment to you via barge to wherever in Alaska or Hawaii.

How do I get these in Canada?

For Canada, we recommend you use a cross border logistics company. Pudo Point is one of many that you can use. Bottom line, we ship to any UPS shipping address that is within the lower 48 states.