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​BACK length: 10 ft | width: 3 ft 4 in
LEGS length: 10 ft | width: 3 ft 4 in
height: 1 ft 5 in

defining a long garden space

Rustic Long-L Garden Beds are perfect for defining your garden space or for creating a garden area in the corner of your yard. They can make a grand entry to your garden when installed opposite of each side of the garden path. Use the Rustic Long-L Garden Beds with other models to create a one-of-kind design. You can make the Rustic Long-L longer by adding Rustic Extenders between sections. Be your own farmer!
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Our 3 rung support system is unmatched. With others, you have one or even no rods across the bed for support at the extensions. ​Proper engineering is necessary and our system is a proven winner.