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length: 1 ft 10 in | width: 1 ft 10 in
height: 1 ft 5 in

bliss in the garden

The Cubo offers the ideal depth to enhance the root growth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants. Cubo Garden Beds can be wrapped around flagpoles, mailboxes, signs, fencing, or any post that needs a touch of greenery to enliven your landscape. They are perfect for kitchen gardens and fruit tree planters. Benefits include better fruit blush color (finish and sweetness), more uniform fruit maturity, improved fruit set (return flowering), increased fruit size, and higher overall crop yield.

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Our 3 rung support system is unmatched. With others, you have one or even no rods across the bed for support at the extensions. ​Proper engineering is necessary and our system is a proven winner.