vibrant and productive space

A gardener recently expanded their gardening space with two new metal garden beds. Despite a late start to the planting season due to foreign travel, their garden is thriving remarkably. The variety of plants they've managed to cultivate is impressive, ranging from vegetables to herbs and flowers.

The raised beds are currently home to tomatoes, green beans, Chile peppers, radishes, beets, cucumbers, and chives. Each plant seems to be doing exceptionally well, indicating that theĀ galvanized steel raised beds provide an ideal growing environment. The gardener has also thoughtfully included snow peas and marigolds, the latter not just for their beauty but also as a natural insect repellent.

An unexpected advantage of these metal beds, noticed by the gardener, is their ability to deter snails. It appears that the snails find it challenging to climb up the sides of these beds, which helps protect the plants from these common garden pests.

This successful late planting has been a source of joy for the gardener. The variety and health of the plants in their metal garden beds are a testament to the quality of these beds and the care taken by the gardener. Their garden has become a vibrant and productive space, bringing satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from seeing everything coming up super.

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