the whole family now gardens

The gardener and their family were thrilled with the transformation of their dull townhome’s backyard into a beautiful and functional garden retreat. The 22-foot wide by 10-foot deep space had a slight downward grade, which they used to create a terraced garden with metal garden beds. They started with the original Largo for vegetables, planting a large tomato plant, Swiss chard, and lettuce.

A single Sendero was used to create a walking area before descending to the narrow Fresa, which also functioned as a retaining wall in front of their newly installed fence. On the other side, the narrow Grande enclosed an existing azalea bush, adding to the garden's charm. Another Sendero served as a retaining wall, housing a beautiful fern and a hosta.

The family did all the work themselves, with the exception of the professionally installed fence. They were able to plant eight different edible varieties in total, making the garden both attractive and productive. The project became a family affair, with everyone participating at various levels. The children took on the responsibility of watering the garden, and their enthusiasm for the project grew along with the plants.

The garden metal beds played a significant role in the transformation. The raised garden beds for vegetables were easy to manage and provided ample space for the plants to thrive. The corrugated garden bed added a stylish and practical element to the design, ensuring that the garden was both functional and visually appealing.

The whole family took pride in their accomplishment, and the garden quickly became a popular spot in the neighborhood. They even had enough tomatoes to share with the squirrels, which delighted the children. The success of their garden project inspired several neighbors to improve their own backyards, creating a ripple effect of community engagement and beautification.

The terraced garden with metal raised beds not only enhanced the beauty and functionality of their home but also increased its value. The gardener and their family found joy and satisfaction in their garden retreat, and it became a place where they could relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The whole family now shared a love for gardening, and the backyard had become a cherished space for everyone to enjoy.

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