square foot gardening

They've embarked on an exciting journey with their new raised metal bed, a choice they made last fall. The assembly was a breeze, a task they managed all on their own, and finding the perfect spot for it was just as easy. They settled on a location next to their house, a decision influenced by their preference for metal over wood. They knew wood would eventually succumb to rot and could retain moisture against their home's siding, so metal was the obvious, more durable choice.

In this raised metal bed, they've been cultivating a variety of vegetables, employing the square foot gardening method. This technique has allowed them to make the most of their limited space, organizing their garden efficiently and productively. It's a method well-suited to their Minnesota home, where space and growing conditions can be challenging.

The results have been gratifying. Even in the relatively short time since they started, they've already harvested radishes, lettuce, and Swiss chard. It's a testament to the effectiveness of their gardening approach and the quality of their chosen garden bed. The joy of pulling fresh, home-grown produce right next to their house is unparalleled, and they're just getting started. With each successful harvest, their enthusiasm for square foot gardening in their raised metal bed only grows.

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