source of pride and happiness

The gardener was absolutely delighted with their new garden beds, finding them to be nothing short of fabulous. The enthusiasm in their voice was unmistakable when they talked about setting them up and getting them ready for planting. They filled the beds with a mix of their own compost and chicken compost, creating a rich and fertile environment perfect for growing a variety of plants.

Living in Santa Barbara, the gardener had to contend with a significant gopher problem, which could have been a major setback. However, they ingeniously lined their entire garden area with chicken wire as a defense mechanism. This barrier, along with a layer of gravel, provided the perfect foundation for the garden beds. The gardener then placed the kits for raised bed gardens on this well-prepared ground, utilizing the cardboard from the beds' packaging at the bottom, ensuring that the soil remained contained and protected.

The result was a garden setup that was not only effective in keeping out unwanted garden pests but also efficient in maintaining the health of the soil and plants. This thoughtful and practical approach to setting up their garden beds paid off, as they were perfect in every way for the gardener's needs.

The sense of achievement and joy the gardener felt was evident. Their garden beds were not just functional; they were a source of pride and happiness. Every step, from the initial preparation to the final setup, was a testament to their dedication and love for gardening. The beds became more than just a place to grow plants; they were a symbol of the gardener's passion and commitment to creating a beautiful and thriving garden space.

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