rustic country charm

The first thing people say when they walk up the gravel drive to the gardener's log cabin in the beautiful Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina is, "I love your metal garden beds! Where did you get them? Your home is beautiful!" When they moved into their log cabin in 2017, the front porch was bare. The gardener's wife came across metal garden beds on an online website and decided that the Original Series Largo would be a perfect match, with the metal look complementing the rustic, authentic log cabin. The garden beds exude country charm, giving a warm, cozy welcome as you come up the driveway.

The gardener's wife planted Million Bells, which have turned into perennials, coming back every spring, along with New Guinea Impatiens, regular Impatiens, and a Hydrangea bush. The raised garden bed made it easy to fertilize, weed, and water. They filled the beds with Miracle Grow Raised Bed soil, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment for the plants. The flowers attract hummingbirds, which feed on them before visiting the feeders filled on the front porch. Butterflies and bees also frequent the flowers, adding to the lively and colorful garden.

Putting the garden beds together was a straightforward task. The gardener and their wife followed the instructions, completing the assembly in about an hour. They used the cardboard packaging to line the bottom of each bed before filling them with soil. This method helped create a sturdy and well-drained base for their plants.

The metal garden beds have truly transformed the front porch area, adding to the home's charm and appeal. The vibrant flowers and visiting wildlife create a picturesque scene, making the log cabin even more inviting. The ease of maintenance and the beauty of the garden beds have made them a favorite feature of the home.

The gardener and their wife often sit on the porch, enjoying the view of their raised beds and the flurry of activity from hummingbirds and butterflies. The raised garden beds have not only enhanced the look of their home but also brought a sense of peace and satisfaction. They are grateful for the country charm these beds have added to their log cabin, making it a cherished and admired part of their property.

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