perfect height

They purchased these garden beds with a specific and heartwarming purpose in mind. At their museum, they were initiating a program to collaborate with a local special needs school in gardening activities. A key requirement was to have a gardening setup that would be accessible and comfortable for children with autism, who preferred not to work directly on the ground.

The beds they chose turned out to be an ideal solution. Their height and width were just right, making them perfectly suited for the children to engage in gardening activities comfortably and effectively. The beds enabled the kids to work at a level that was accessible, removing any discomfort associated with being on the ground.

This initiative was more than just about gardening; it was about creating an inclusive, nurturing environment where children with special needs could enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening. The joy and comfort these beds brought to the children were evident in their engagement and enthusiasm.

The success of these garden beds in the program at the museum has been a source of great satisfaction. They not only served their functional purpose but also played a crucial role in enriching the lives of these children, making gardening a delightful and inclusive activity for all involved.

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