nice for root crops

They had been using wooden raised beds for about four years and were quite fond of them, but there was a hitch – the "rot-resistant" wood wasn't quite living up to its name. The appeal of having a raised bed close to the house was undeniable: less weeding hassle and easier access. So, when it was time for a change, they opted for a metal raised bed, and it's been a game-changer, especially for their root crops like carrots and sweet potatoes.

The depth of the new metal bed proved ideal for these types of crops, providing ample space for them to grow robust and healthy. But an unexpected bonus came in the form of pest control. They had always struggled with flea beetles attacking their eggplants, a problem that seemed to vanish this year. They suspect it's the shiny metal of the new bed that the beetles don't fancy, as that's the only variable that changed. For the first time, their eggplant plants are thriving, beetle-free.

Aesthetically, the metal bed is a hit too. It looks striking, especially when it's brimming with vibrant plant life. Based on their experience, they're more than happy to recommend this solution to others. Pleased with their purchase, they're even considering adding more metal beds in the future. These beds have not just solved their problem with rotting wood but also enhanced their gardening experience, both practically and visually.

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