neighbors love the look

The gardener originally started their East Texas garden in their backyard, a lovely sunny spot fenced in to keep out unwanted visitors. However, the deer had other plans and eagerly devoured everything planted, leaving nothing but bare ground. Realizing they couldn’t negotiate with the deer, the gardener decided to move the garden closer to the house.

The metal raised garden beds were a gift to themselves, a solution that brought both functionality and beauty. With about 20 feet of the original series beds placed directly off the front porch, touching the concrete patio, the new garden location was perfect. They filled the beds with soil from Texas Organics, committed to growing their plants without any chemicals.

The growth in these raised beds was so vigorous that ordinary plant supports weren’t sufficient. The gardener installed full-sized cattle panels, which provided sturdy support with a 4"x8" grid, making it easy to pick fresh produce. Summers in East Texas are hot, and the sandy soil poses challenges, but the metal garden beds made it possible to enjoy the daily harvest.

The beds were easy to assemble and rest on 1" hardware cloth, a metal mesh that allows for proper drainage while keeping out burrowing critters from the front yard. The neighbors couldn’t help but admire the look of the garden. One neighbor even suggested extending the beds across the rest of the front of the house.

Three years on, the raised metal beds still looked as good as they did on day one. The gardener enjoyed the fresh produce and the compliments from neighbors who loved the garden's aesthetic. The raised garden beds had transformed the space, making it both functional and attractive, and had turned gardening into a daily joy.

The metal garden beds not only solved the problem of deer and critters but also added a touch of elegance to the home. The gardener was grateful for the product that had made their gardening experience so rewarding. The ease of assembly, durability, and visual appeal of the raised beds had made them an essential part of the gardener's life. With each harvest, the gardener felt a sense of accomplishment and happiness, knowing they had created something beautiful and productive right at their doorstep.

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