like an erector set

They've found a delightful solution to their gardening needs, one that's reminiscent of the classic Erector Sets from the 1960s. Not considering themselves particularly handy at construction, they were pleasantly surprised at how manageable setting up their new raised garden beds turned out to be. Together, they managed to fit chicken wire into the bottom of the beds, followed by a layer of cardboard. This foundation, topped with organic compost, has become the thriving ground for their plants.

The ease of setting up a drip water system, complete with a timer, has transformed their gardening experience. It's almost self-maintaining, freeing them from the constant worry of watering. This convenience has made their gardening more enjoyable and less labor-intensive.

What they particularly love about these raised bed units is their versatility and practicality. The fact that they can be kept up indefinitely or disassembled and stored flat is a feature they find incredibly useful, especially with the possibility of moving. It's this flexibility that adds to the appeal of the beds, making them a smart choice for gardeners who value both functionality and adaptability.

Their discovery of these garden beds online was a stroke of luck, one that they're extremely grateful for. It's not just about growing plants; it's about finding a gardening solution that fits their lifestyle, and these raised beds have done just that. They're thrilled with their find, a testament to the power of a good internet search and the joy of a well-made garden product.

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