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They're absolutely thrilled with their metal garden beds, a choice that's proving to be a winning decision. As a landscape designer, they have an eye for beauty, functionality, and affordability, and these beds tick all the boxes. The real proof of their success, however, lies in the comparison with their neighbor's much more expensive cedar raised beds. To their delight, their metal beds are outperforming the cedar ones, giving them a sense of satisfaction and a bit of healthy neighborhood competition.

Rodent issues are common in their area, posing a challenge to many gardeners. While the rodents seem to have free reign in the cedar beds, happily feasting on the vegetables, they've met their match with these raised metal beds. The design of the beds keeps these unwelcome visitors at bay, safeguarding their garden from such predators. This peace of mind, knowing their garden is secure, adds to the joy of gardening.

Their choice has even caught the eye of another landscape designer, who was thoroughly impressed upon seeing their raised beds. The designer's commendation and decision to recommend these beds for future installations is a testament to their appeal and effectiveness. It's not just about keeping the rodents out or outdoing the neighbor's garden; it's about having a garden that's both beautiful and resilient, a combination that any gardener or landscape designer would appreciate.

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