garden outproduced neighbors

After purchasing their forever home by the ocean, they embarked on a journey to fulfill her husband's dream of having a raised bed garden. Their search for the perfect garden solution led them to discover metal garden beds, and they instantly fell in love with the concept. Choosing the Fresa model, they were thrilled at how quickly it arrived and wasted no time in getting started.

The assembly was a smooth and straightforward affair. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, enabling her husband to put together the large garden bed in under 30 minutes. It was a great start, but the real test came with the gardening itself. Their new neighbors, both seasoned gardeners, had begun their gardening projects simultaneously, each choosing a different approach. One opted for the traditional method of rototilling and soil amendment, while the other used a lumber kit to slightly elevate their plants.

As the season progressed, it became clear that their garden was outperforming the others. They attributed this success to the superior soil base and drainage of their Fresa bed. It was a remarkable difference, with their garden yielding more produce than their neighbors'. They faced minimal challenges, with little to no animal or bug damage, which was significant given the humid climate of Wilmington, NC.

Their garden's resilience was truly tested when Hurricane Florence struck. Incredibly, almost all of their crops survived the storm. The elevation of the Fresa bed was a game-changer, keeping their garden safe when others were destroyed. They emerged from the hurricane as the only ones in the neighborhood with not just a surviving garden bed but a thriving garden. This experience solidified their confidence in their gardening choice, proving that their metal garden bed was not just productive but also remarkably resilient.

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