edible front yard

In the spring, when discussions at the community garden centered around reducing the size of individual plots to accommodate more gardeners, one avid gardener decided to innovate. They introduced several raised garden beds into their front yard. This strategic move allowed them to cultivate a variety of vegetables and herbs, artfully integrating them around the pre-existing flora.

With careful planning, the gardener transformed the sole sunny spot left in their yard into a stunning formal flower garden. They utilized a mix of raised garden bed kits and metal raised garden beds to optimize their planting space. These above ground gardens not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their front yard but also maximized their growing area without encroaching on the established landscaping.

By incorporating corrugated garden beds and raised metal beds, the gardener could ensure better soil conditions and drainage for their edible plants. The selection of raised beds, from garden metal beds to more traditional raised bed gardens, provided ample opportunities for a lush, productive garden. This innovative approach not only enriched their home's curb appeal but also offered a practical solution to the space limitations posed by the community garden adjustments.

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