easy to put together

A gardener, admittedly not the handiest when it comes to assembling things, found a pleasant surprise in their metal garden beds. Despite their self-proclaimed lack of skills in this area, they managed to put together these beds with ease. Their accomplishment is a point of humor and pride, often mentioned in jest to their wife.

These raised beds have been part of their garden for two years now, each year hosting a different variety of plants. In the first year, the gardener opted for sweet corn in both beds, a bold choice given the space and conditions corn requires. The success of this crop was a testament to the functionality and quality of the beds.

The second year saw a change in planting strategy, with one bed dedicated to tomatoes and the other to winter squash and kohlrabi. This diversification not only speaks to the versatility of the beds but also to the gardener's growing confidence and enthusiasm in experimenting with different crops.

The gardener's fondness for theseĀ galvanized steel raised beds is evident. They find them perfect for vegetable gardening, appreciating their ease of assembly and effectiveness in growing a variety of produce. These metal garden beds have not only simplified the gardening process but have also brought a sense of joy and accomplishment to the gardener's experience.

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