easy setup

They stumbled upon the perfect gardening solution quite late in the planting season this year. In their search for materials to create raised beds, they were torn between lumber and pre-made metal options. But their discovery of steel beds, particularly those with corrugated galvanized steel, was a game-changer. The look appealed to them instantly, and the price was surprisingly reasonable – so much so, they realized they couldn't have built wooden beds for less.

Assembling these beds was a breeze, which was a big relief considering their preference for things being straight and square. The ease of setup made the process enjoyable rather than a chore. Now, with vegetables flourishing in these beds, they're thoroughly impressed with the performance. The beds hold their shape well, not bulging under the weight of the soil, which is a testament to their sturdiness.

Their plants are thriving, staying healthy and hydrated even when they occasionally miss a day or two of watering. They've run the mainline tubing of their not-yet-installed drip system under the edge of the bed, planning ahead for easier watering in the future. The height of these raised beds has been a significant advantage, especially for someone who's been gardening for years. In Colorado, where soil warmth is crucial for ripening tomatoes, they've noticed a marked improvement. An added bonus is the height that keeps rabbits at bay, along with the perfect balance of drainage and moisture retention.

They're already planning to expand their vegetable garden and will undoubtedly be purchasing more of these beds. Their satisfaction with the product is so high that they find themselves recommending these beds to everyone. These steel beds have not just met their expectations; they've revolutionized their gardening experience.

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