8 ft corn

They've long been a devotee of cedar beds for their gardening, but recent experiences have them teetering on the edge of conversion. The results they've seen in their metal garden beds are nothing short of astonishing. In just a month and a half, their corn shot up to an impressive height of 8 feet, while their tomatoes weren't far behind at over 6 feet. Even their peppers have been thriving, reaching almost 5 feet and still growing strong.

But it's not just the phenomenal growth of their plants that's won them over. The height of these metal beds has provided an unexpected yet welcome advantage – critter control. Groundhogs, known for their pesky garden intrusions, have been successfully thwarted. It's been a triumphant match-up: metal garden beds (1), groundhog (0).

This success has sparked new plans for the next gardening season, with the purchase of more metal garden beds already on the agenda. The ease of growing in these beds, coupled with their effectiveness in keeping out unwelcome visitors, has been a revelation. It's a gardening evolution – from the familiarity of cedar to the new heights of corrugated steel raised garden beds, proving that sometimes, a change in approach can yield unexpectedly delightful results. The prospect of expanding their garden with more of these beds is not just a plan, but an exciting new chapter in their gardening journey.

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