700 lbs of produce

They currently boast an impressive collection of eight garden beds, which play a pivotal role in their admirable endeavor. All the food grown in these beds is donated to their pantry for food giveaways. Their efforts have brought immense joy to their clients, who are typically accustomed to receiving processed foods. The opportunity to enjoy fresh vegetables has been a delightful change for them.

Last year, their garden produced over 700 pounds of produce, a remarkable achievement. But this year, they're on track to surpass that impressive total. Already, they've harvested 500 pounds, and the season has only just begun. The abundance of their garden is a testament to their dedication and the efficiency of their gardening approach.

The quality and benefits of these garden beds have been nothing short of amazing. They've been using an in-ground garden for 30 years, but it often stayed too wet in spring, delaying planting until late May. This year, however, they were able to plant onions, radishes, spinach, beets, and lettuce as early as April 12th. By the first week of May, they were already enjoying fresh salads from their garden.

These beds are not only easy to assemble and set up, but they also enhance the efficiency of gardening. Additionally, their attractive appearance adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Their satisfaction with these products is evident, and they're grateful for the significant impact these beds have had on their gardening and charitable efforts.

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